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 Franktown Puzzler (281 plays)

A amusing puzzle game for kids. Solve puzzles before your ti...
 Angel Mart (281 plays)

Match your cards to remove them from your board.
 Candy Elf (280 plays)

It will take one super-sized sweet tooth to munch via these ...
 Lovers Puzzle (280 plays)

Try to figure out your heart puzzle. The goal is ti fill it ...
 Riku Lostart Taiken (280 plays)

Help solve your mystery of your missing objects.
 Find The Golden Axe (280 plays)

Find your objects which are hidden inside with in 10 min. Cl...
 Weemee Match (280 plays)

Collect flirting tips and meet your WeeMee Match in this amu...
 Escape The Farmhouse (280 plays)

The mission of this game is to escape from one house. You wi...
 Bug Monster (279 plays)

Match 3 of your same icons before time runs out.
 Rubic Cube (279 plays)

The game is simple. Solve your puzzle just like old school.
 Katy Perry Puzzle (279 plays)

In this game you find 7 good-looking pictures of Katy Perry....
 Pick Up Flowers (279 plays)

Flower version of collapse.
 Mice With Diamond (279 plays)

Click your bottom right to start game. Find your moutilize t...
 Mimi Barbie Puzzle (279 plays)

Complete this adorable puzzle.
 Find Objects Lathe Shop (279 plays)

Find your objects which are hidden inside with in 10 min. Cl...
 Little Mono (279 plays)

Little Monos do not intend to to go solo. They intend to to ...
 Kids Painting (279 plays)

Kids painting are hard to explore. Really, you need good eye...
 Candy Cow (278 plays)

Eliminate 3 or more of your same color on your board.
 Arabella Gems (278 plays)

You need to pass various levels collecting all required obje...
 Image Disorder Edie Fal... (278 plays)

Arrange your pieces correctly to figure out your image. To s...
 What A Mess (278 plays)

Ben and Judy are in trouble! Their parents will be home from...
 Number Jumper (278 plays)

Slide your numbers around to connect 4 or more in rows and c...
 Tiki Stacker (278 plays)

Topple your Tiki gods off of their pedestal in this statue s...
 Sort My Tiles Tarzan (277 plays)

Complete Tarzan as quickly as you can.
 Heart Catching Game (277 plays)

Catch and match 3 or more hearts with your same color.
 Click N Slide (277 plays)

The object of Click N Slide is to acquire all your pieces in...
 Harry Spot The Differen... (277 plays)

Identify your difference and click it to confirm. You acquir...
 Ponyo Similarities (277 plays)

Identify your similarities in your two various images and cl...
 Bootsys Return (277 plays)

Bootsy got lost in your city! Help her acquire home to her o...
 Flower Power (277 plays)

Match 3 or more flowers clear them. If your watering can run...
 Exciting Shopping (277 plays)

Try shopping in one new and exciting way.
 Mister Rain (277 plays)

Find your differences as your pages tell one story. Play wit...
 Screw The Nut (277 plays)

Is it difficult to screw your nut...? Try to roll it to your...
 Rainbow Web (277 plays)

This is one match-three game, which means that you need to s...
 Puzzle Mania Dora (277 plays)

Complete your Dora puzzle piece.
 Fly Rabbit Fly (277 plays)

In this amusing game you have to turn around your field so y...
 Image Disorder Zac Efro... (276 plays)

Reorder your tiles and complete Zacs handsome face.
 Disneys Magical Movie S... (276 plays)

Find your difference between teo well-known scene from one D...
 Sort My Tiles Aristocat... (276 plays)

Complete one puzzle of these group of socialite cats.
 Sonic Hero Puzzle (276 plays)

Stack blocks and clear them with one corresponding character...

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