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 Penguin Escape (489 plays)

Click on your groups of symbols in your correct order to cle...
 Dream Day Wedding (489 plays)

A romantic seek-and-find adventure featuring good-looking gr...
 Moshi Monsters Puzzle P... (489 plays)

Solve as many puzzles as you can within 60 seconds. Starts e...
 Mystery Hunter (486 plays)

Search for your objects hidden within your scene. Use your r...
 Harry The Hamster (485 plays)

Connect all your pipe and other objects to help harry reach ...
 Find The Objects Home (485 plays)

Find unique items in your house.
 The Escape Game (481 plays)

Get to your escape area in as few clicks of your moutilize a...
 Escape Library (481 plays)

Explore your library and find one way to stop reading and es...
 Image Disorder Jessiaca... (480 plays)

Help arranging your tiles to complete Albas image.
 Gemsonte Castle (480 plays)

Trace over 3 or more blocks as you make your boy and girl bl...
 Tube Crisis (478 plays)

Find ways to acquire rid of people inside your train.
 Swap Girl (477 plays)

This country girl knows one good trade when she sees one!
 Milk Candy Shower (474 plays)

Link as many identical milk candies as possible to remove th...
 Construction Worker Wil... (473 plays)

Test your skills by clicking your glowing bricks as they lig...
 The Ballad Of Ketinetto (472 plays)

Click around each new scene as you solve your puzzles in thi...
 Funda Fruit Hunt (472 plays)

Funda Fruit Hunt is memory game. Find your matching pairs by...
 Madness Combat Defense (471 plays)

Build up your defenses to fight off your Madness men!
 Age Of Japan (471 plays)

Make lines of 3 in this 8 level Japanese themed game.
 Puzzle Freak (470 plays)

This game is like monopoly nonetheless with puzzles in each ...
 Tetris Sprint (470 plays)

Play some good old style tetris.
 The World Of Miner (469 plays)

Shoot your rocks and mining equipment with your grenades to ...
 Sort My Tiles Pororo (469 plays)

Pororo is a little penguin, living in Antarctica. He gets up...
 Anthill Picnic (469 plays)

Find all your letters hidden on your anthill.
 Sort My Tiles Thunderca... (464 plays)

Team Thundercats needs to be sorted out.
 Big Bang Bubbles (463 plays)

Last as long as you can! Eliminate 3 or more same colored bu...
 Diegos Puzzle Pyramid (462 plays)

It is your day of your Big Puzzle Party, and Diego ca not wa...
 Habbo Memory Challenge (461 plays)

Can you memorize your furniture placement and put it back to...
 Budget Invasion (461 plays)

Take over your planet earth by destroying your earths army f...
 Candy Candy (461 plays)

Matching candies with same flavor is so much fun.
 Panda Food (460 plays)

Your goal is to feed panda family. Each panda will have its ...
 Pickies Farm (459 plays)

Gather much fruits to score more points.
 Pepsi Handball (459 plays)

Line up three balls of your same color.
 Wedding Troubles (457 plays)

Description:Here is one very great game for you in which you...
 Plus Plus (457 plays)

You have to think fast. Look up in your window one or severa...
 Codename Ballistic (456 plays)

The mission must be carried out at all costs, so step up sol...
 Obama Presidential Esca... (455 plays)

Your mission in this escape your room game is to play as Bar...
 Habbo Hotel (453 plays)

Remember where each furniture was located. The room will be ...
 Gwajaya Lets Go Home (452 plays)

Guide your cunning little creature to go where they belong.
 Mystery Case (451 plays)

This is an hidden object game with multiple puzzles. Use you...
 Super Market Shopping S... (450 plays)

The cunning little girl its going to your super market to bu...

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